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The billionaire investor warned that Bitcoin can serve China’s financial weapons against the US

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Billionaire investor in the field of digital technology Peter Til (Peter Thiel, in the photo below), one of the most famous venture businessmen of the Silicon Valley, called the Bitcoin threat to the US dollar and warned that it can serve China’s financial weapons against the United States.

Getty/Neilson Barnard

«Despite the fact that I am a supporter of cryptocurrency and bitcoine, I really wonder if the Bitcoin should be considered at the moment, as partially as Chinese financial weapons against the United States, “said PayPal co-founder during a virtual seminar conducted by the Richard Nixon Foundation this week. “It threatens fate money, but it is especially threatened by the US dollar, and China intends to do everything to loosen it.”

Note the recent creation of China’s own digital currency – digital yuan controlled by the Central Bank, Peter Til, also being a member of the Facebook Board and the co-founder of Palantir Technologies, refused to consider it a real cryptocurrency, describing the digital yuan as a “totalitarian measuring instrument”.

Til is known for its contradictory views and a rather cool attitude towards China. He criticized Google and Apple for too close cooperation with the Middle Kingdom and called for a thorough test of Apple’s activities, “Since the entire IPhone supply chain is in China.”

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