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The court between Epic Games and Apple ended – the verdict will be taken in the coming months

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The main stage of the trial between Epic Games and Apple ended. Judge Ivonna Gonzalez Rogers (Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers) was engaged in collecting various testimony for more than three weeks and now will be studied by the case file. As 9to5mac writes, several months can take a decision.


On the final day, Rogers stated that he did not understand what would the victory of Epic Games. The lawyer of the plaintiff declared that they would achieve anti-competitive restrictions. In response, the judge stated that Epic Games had hidden motives, because victory could turn their multi-billion dollar business to the company worth a trillion dollars.

After the final day, Rogers stressed that she had to explore more than 4.5 thousand pages of testimony, and this will “leave for some time.” She did not call the exact date of verdict.

The proceedings between companies continued since the beginning of May. Closer to the completion of the process, Apple representatives called the Fortnite developer “Microsoft weapons”. According to them, about five Epic Games witnesses are associated with the latter. In response, Microsoft representatives stated that they expressed concern about the situation on their own behalf.

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