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The MacOS system has an insufficient protection level, said Apple Development Head

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Today, Craig Federigi (Craig Federighi) testified in the continuing trial between Apple and Epic Games. Apple’s development department manager, stated that MacOS does not comply with customer protection standards, trying to convince the judge that any change in the App Store policy makes it harm to the iPhone users.


Epic Games wants the court to make Apple allow the use of third-party iOS apps, similar to how it works on Mac to be able to install software from third-party sources. This would allow users to install any applications, including those that have not been tested by Apple.

During the court session, Federigi asked why such an opportunity was not implemented in iOS and iPad OS. He replied that IOS had set a significantly higher customer protection bar, and noted that MacOS now could not offer users such a high level of protection. Federigi said that malware on the Mac is also not something acceptable for Apple, but if iOS worked like this method, the platform users would be subject to particular danger, because IOS devices are much larger than Mac.



In his speech, Federigi referred to the Nokia report, which states that Android devices are infected with malicious 30 times more often than the iPhone and iPad. He claims that Android has serious security and Apple problems would not want IOS to suffer the same fate.

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