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The secrets of US nuclear arsenals in Europe from 2013 were in open access

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Employees of the Bellingcat edition reported that the secrets of US nuclear arsenals in Europe were free from 2013 to last month. This is discovered after searching by keywords on open sources. The data was on cards for training employees in the form of graphic and text information.

Image source: svobodaslova.inf

Search for PAS Terminams (Weapons Storage and Security Systems) and others returned to request cards with data, among which there were detailed descriptions of security protocols, including the location of surveillance cameras on objects, the schedule of movement of patrols, secret words and others Unique identifiers that should not be known to anyone outside the storage facilities. All these cards were found on Chegg, Quizlet and CRAM sites, where they should not have been by definition.

After reporting this fact, representatives of the US Army cards were removed from sites, and the military stated the source that “study the suitability of information provided on cards.” The earliest date of the protocols used on the maps was dated 2013, and the last – April of the current year.

The British site The Register repeated the BellingCat approach to the study of data from open sources and was able to easily identify the identities of high-ranking workers of the United Kingdom of military enterprises. According to journalists, the web presentations often come across data not intended for the broad publication. All this information is quite simply extracted from the Internet spaces.

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