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Twitch warned the streamers that a new wave of sanctions for violation of copyright

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Twitch received a number of new messages demanding to remove copyrighted songs from recorded streams. This notice caused a wave of concern in the streamers, which lasted last year’s removal of content that violates copyrights, since three warnings about copyright infringement entail a lifetime blocking of the account.


Pre-warning users about the upcoming removal of content for the violation of the copyright of Twitch, apparently, decided to give strides the time to independently remove the inappropriate content, without receiving an official warning for violation. The streamers often use various compositions with a background for their broadcasts, not particularly taking care that the right holder may not approve such use.

The removal of content containing audio records protected by copyright, for the first time has become a problem for streamers last year. Many of them received notifications with the requirement to delete illegal content, and later Twitch did it forcibly. It is worth noting that for streamers who do not want copyright problems, Twitch offers a product called Soundtrack, presented in November last year.

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