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Twitter is testing a feature that recognizes angry posts and invites users to edit them

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In May 2020, Twitter began testing a feature that detects potentially negative posts and invites users to revise their post before posting. After that, testing was suspended, but now the company has resumed it. The function test runs on the Twitter iOS app.

In its first version, this feature, which was tested in 2020, was only able to warn users about potentially negative posts. In the current iteration, the company has implemented buttons in the pop-up window that will allow you to post a tweet, edit it or delete it altogether. In addition, Twitter has also added a separate feedback clause that can alert developers if a feature is not working properly. By analyzing user feedback, Twiiter can improve the performance of this algorithm.

You had feedback about prompts to revise a reply so we made updates:

▪️ If you see a prompt, it’ll include more info on why you received it

This is now testing on Android, iOS, and web. pic.twitter.com/rxdttI1zK2

The function is tested on a limited number of users who are selected at random. Note that the feature was also available on Android in a test format in August.

It is not known when notifications of potentially negative posts will be implemented in the app for all users. However, by making the feature available to a wide range of people, the company can help users to prevent themselves from being harsh and emotional about other people in order to avoid problems.

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