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Twitter is working on the introduction of Facebook tweet reactions.

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It is reported that Twitter is working to allow users to respond to the records in a way similar to the one that is used in Facebook. In addition to the button “Like” under the tweets, users will be available a number of emotionally painted reactions, such as “laughter”, “sadness”, “smirk” and others.


Jane Manchun Wong Social Network Researcher reports that Twitter works on a new functionality for at least a couple of weeks. Probably, such an innovation will have to do with many users who will now receive an additional way to express their attitude to the contents of tweets.

Twitter is working on Tweet Reactions view:

“Likes”, “Cheer”, “Hmm”, “Sad”, “Haha”

The icons for the Cheer and Sad reactions are WIP and shown as the generic heart one at the moment https://t.co/ZCBhH8z7JR pic.twitter.com/dGqq1CzIis

Recently, Twitter is actively working on the introduction of new features. This week we reported that the social network is testing “super-subscriptions”, which will be subscribed to paid exclusive content from favorite accounts. In addition, it is known that for some time twitter is working on the TIP JAR function, which will allow users to financially encourage the creators of the content.

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