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Users of the Microsoft Exchange Online mail service will be able to receive no more than 3600 emails per hour

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According to online sources, Microsoft intends to tighten the rules for interacting with the Exchange Online mail service, which is usually used by the Outlook client. Soon a restriction will be introduced that will prevent users of the service from receiving and sending more than 3600 letters per hour.

It is worth noting that the mentioned restriction was introduced a long time ago, but for some reason it was not applied. Now, Microsoft has warned of the changes it says are needed to optimize email flow and provide sufficient bandwidth for the Exchange service. If the above limit is exceeded, the user will simply stop receiving letters until the allotted time expires. The counter will automatically reset every hour.

According to the available data, the changes will affect users who use Microsoft 365 Business Basic / Standard Office and Office 365 Enterprise E1 / E3 / E5 / F3 plans to interact with the mail service. The changes will take effect in April this year, so Microsoft is urging corporate network administrators to monitor user activity when working with e-mail.

It is worth noting that the restrictions will be introduced in several stages, starting with a higher threshold, the gradual reduction of which to the level of 3600 emails per hour will allow companies to smoothly adapt to changes. Network administrators can also find more information in the Exchange admin center. This will make it easier to track accounts that exceed the limit on sending and receiving emails.

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