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Whatsapp is again changed – limitations of functionality for the platform refused from the new policy will not

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The WhatsApp Messenger announced the next changes related to change in privacy policy. The company stated that it would not limit the functionality of those who refuse to accept new platform rules. The verge writes about it.

The Verge

The company explained that he adopted this decision after consulting with a number of experts and state regulators. However, it will continue to offer users to accept new rules to enjoy additional features. What options will appear in agreed, not specifying.

At the beginning of the year, WhatsApp announced changes in privacy policy. These changes suggest unhindered sharing user data with Facebook. The announcement caused great hype among the users of the messenger. Because of this, the company had to postpone the introduction of changes.

In May, service representatives stated that users who refused to accept a new privacy policy would face the limit of functionality in WhatsApp. In particular, the company intended to block calls and messages to opponents of changes.

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