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Xbox Game Pass games will be available on TVs Thanks to the Microsoft Xcloud Stregnation Service

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Microsoft announced working with TV manufacturers on the integration in their Xbox application device. The company plans to provide access to Xbox Game Pass on a large number of TV using Xcloud game streaming service. In addition to the application for smart TVs, the company also announced an independent Xcloud Streaming Stick device, which will also provide work with a streaming service.


Microsoft does not report when the Xbox application will be available on TVs, and which manufacturers will provide his support. The company reported on the development of this application at the end of last year. Then it was said that it would enter the market in the next 12 months.

In addition to the application, Microsoft is preparing to release and independent TV keychain to broadcast games using the Xcloud stream service. Unfortunately, the company did not report or the date of its launch, nor the cost, and did not even share images showing the appearance of the device.



Microsoft shared this information at a special briefing for the press before the E3 exhibition, which will begin on June 13th. On it, the company will focus on games, so it is unlikely that we will hear additional details about the Xbox application for televisions or Xcloud Streaming Stick.

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