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Qnap introduced a network card with two ports 10GBE and active cooling

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QNAP Systems announced the QXG-10G2T-X710 extension card today, intended for use in personal computers and network data warehouses (NAS).

Here and below the image QNAP Systems

The novelty complies with the 10GBE standard: bandwidth reaches 10 Gbps. Compatibility with other data transfer standards are implemented: 5GBE, 2.5GBE, 1GBE and 100MBE.

The card is equipped with two RJ45 connectors for connecting network cables. With Port Trunking Technology, the total data transfer rate can reach 20 Gbps.

The solution has a single-layer design: to install PCIe 3.0 x4 connector is required. The cooling system corresponds to the active system with the radiator and the fan, which received a central location.

The package includes mounting rolls of standard and reduced height: This allows you to apply a map in devices of various form factors, including in compact computers.

It is said about compatibility with QTS 4.5.2 / Quts Hero H4.5.1 or higher, Windows and Linux. The price is about 400 US dollars.

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