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The All-Year Speed ​​Laser Satellite Communication System will develop in Australia

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Australian researchers are confident that high-speed communication channels between ground stations and satellites are possible only with lasers. But it is possible to break through the atmosphere with lasers only in favorable weather conditions. Joint studies of Thales Australia and the Ground Station of Gonghilli’s Ground Station are designed to solve the problem of bad weather for laser communication channels with satellites, and Australia authorities agreed to help money.

Ground Satellite Communication Station Gonghilli in Australia. Image Source: Sebastian Moss / DatacenterDynamics.com

Partners have already completed the feasibility study of the project and conducted terrestrial tests of experienced equipment at a distance of 2.4 and 10 km, which took about one year. At the test queue with flying objects, including laser connection with light aircraft, and go to work with satellites. In all cases, laser channels are adapted to work under current weather conditions so that the speed of communication does not decrease or decreased slightly. In particular, for this it is planned to use active optics technologies and coherent phase stabilization systems.

«This project is an important step towards the ultimate goal of creating an optical connection between a satellite and land with a high data transfer rate, “said Michael Clark (Michael Clark), director of Technical Strategy Thales Australia and New Zealand. Project financing is provided with money for three years, allocated by the Australian SMARTSAT joint research center.

Following the research, optical communication technology should appear with satellites with a data transfer rate close to the speed of fiber optic lines. Today, for example, the laser connection of ground stations with the ISS can be carried out at a speed of up to 100 Mb / s, depending on weather conditions. For the development of cosmonautics in the future this is clearly not enough. It is necessary to something faster and stable. Perhaps Australia will make a breakthrough.

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