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The French are ready to distribute a millimeter radio signal on plastic tubes: cheap and minimal delays

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Researchers from the French Institute CEA-LETI have developed a hybrid ultra-cut data transfer technology with an ultra-long delay, which directs the MMWAVE radio signals through flexible plastic tubes. The system is very easy, inexpensive and energy efficient. The transmission rate can reach 15 Gbps at a distance of up to 10 meters. This is a discovery for space, as well as a solution for robotic plants of the future and not only.

Image source: Politecnico di Milano

The H-LINK interface serves operating frequencies from 30 to 300 GHz and, in general, is suitable for transmitting MMWave signals in 5G standard. The radio signal is supplied to a flexible plastic waveguide – a hollow plastic tube – and connects to the same receptionist. It is argued that it is more reliable, easier and easier than to connect far-separated nodes with optical communication lines or copper conductive cables. In principle, for the proposed by the French schemes for receptionists, radio signal transducers are not needed to a low-frequency signal for copper and high-frequency (nanometer) for optics.

The H-LINK interface is free from problems with the oxidation of contacts, vibrations, electromagnetic fields and temperature fluctuations. Low weight is important for the aerospace industry, as well as reduced consumption by side systems. The flexibility of the compounds provides complete freedom for manipulators – automation and work in hazardous environments. In addition, the installation of communication lines – waveguides – does not require special tools, knowledge and technologies. The assembly and maintenance of such systems will be no more difficult to build a children’s designer.

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