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A sharp increase in the activity of the Sun is fixed: magnetic storms are coming on Earth

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The Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun Fian reports the largest surge of solar activity in recent years. In the coming days the beginning of magnetic storms are expected.

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Over the past two days, 17 solar flares were recorded. It is reported that the peak of activity of our luminary came at the end of last week – on May 22 and 23. In particular, the outbreaks of the class M are registered – the penultimate strength of the solar flares, preceding the outbreaks of the highest power X.

«Before that, for 4.5 months of the year, less than 40 solar flares were registered with tracking tools, including only two outbreaks of M. Judging throughout the outbreaks that came out now was accompanied by the emissions of the solar substance in the interplanetary space, including along the Sun-Earth line That is, in the direction of our planet, “the report says.

Solar emissions cause indignation of the magnetic field of the Earth. According to the calculations of specialists, the contact of the dropped solar masses from Earth will occur today – about 10 pm Moscow time.

«The most dense ejection core will reach the ground in the morning, at about 4 am Moscow time, May 26th. It is during this period that the first magnetic storms of 3 to 6 hours are predicted. In general, the perturbed state of the magnetic field can be preserved until the end of the day on May 27. After that, the field must stabilize and return to the unperturbed state, “the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun reports.

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