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Chinese junk successfully descended from the landing platform and began research

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The Zhurong Rover created in China for the study of Mars successfully descended from the landing platform to the surface of the planet. About this today, May 22, the National Space Department of the PRC reported.

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Named mercier, recall, arrived at the Red Planet on board the Tianwen-1 automatic station (Tianwean-1). Successful descent of the landing platform on Mars took place a week ago. Since then, the rover has been prepared for the surface: the solar panels, antenna and ramp were deployed. And now Zhurong is embarking on the scientific program.

«On May 22, the Zhurong Rover safely left the landing platform, reached the surface of Mars and began research, “the Xinhua Agency said.

Иллюстрация CNSA

CNSA illustration

The apparatus is located on the Runopia Plain (Utopia Planitia) is the rounded lowland with a diameter of about 3,300 km in the eastern part of the Northern Hemisphere of Mars. The equipment of the Rover includes cameras, a magnetic field detector, georadar, a surface detector and a device for meteorological measurements. The main program of research is designed for three months. If the marshode does not arise critical faults, it will be able to function further.

We add that China has become the second country after the United States, which was able to successfully deliver a planet carrier to the surface of Mars. Rover among other things will look for signs of living in the past or present.

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