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Roskosmos decided on the landing area of ​​a multi-sighted rocket

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Roskosmos State Corporation During the educational marathon, “New Knowledge” called the landing site of a multi-sized first stage of the Amur-LNG carrier missile, for which it is planned to create a start-up table on the East Space, located in the Far East in the Amur region, near the city of Tsiolkovsky.

Here and below are photos of Roscosmos

«Amur-LNG “- two-stage medium-class media. The first step is expected to provide up to ten launches, which will reduce the cost of eliminating the payload in orbit.

Liquefied natural gas and liquid oxygen will be used as fuel components. The new rocket at startups from the east will be able to bring 9.5 tons of cargo (12 tons to a one-time one-time) to a low near-earth orbit.

The executive director of Roskosmosa for promising programs and science Alexander Blooshenko said that the area of ​​landing the first stage of the Amur-LNG missile is planned to be located the north-west of the Yakut city of Aldan.

As the “RIA Novosti” adds, the first launch of the carrier from the East is now scheduled for 2026. The cost of starts, according to preliminary estimates, will be from $ 22 million, depending on the configuration.

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