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The falling stage of the Chinese missile entered the Earth’s atmosphere and stopped existence

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The State Corporation “Roskosmos” just reported that the second stage of the Chinese missile Long March 5B completed an unmanaged gathering from the orbit by entering the atmosphere of the Earth.


The Long March 5B carrier (“Changzhheng-5”) was launched on April 29 as part of the program on the conclusion of the Tianhe basic module (“Milky Way”) of the future Chinese Space Station. After that, the second stage of the rocket, which does not have active maneuvering, began unmanaged movement towards the Earth.

The approach of steps from the orbit was tracked by various organizations around the world, including the main information and analytical center of the automated system of warning about dangerous situations in the near-emblem space of TsNIIMASH (included in the “Roskosmos”).

It is reported that today, May 9, 2021, at about 05:30 Moscow time, the object entered the atmosphere of the Earth and stopped the existence of the Indian Ocean.


«Roscosmos “

The bulk of the debris burned out in the earth’s atmosphere. The remaining part fell in the region of 72.47 ° East longitude and 2.65 ° Northern latitude.

«The uncontrollable gathering from the near-earth orbit of the second stage of the Long March 5B carrier rocket, which started on April 29, 2021, from the Wenchang cosmodrome and brought into orbit the Basic Tianhe module of the future Chinese modular space station, “said” Roskosmos “.

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