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MacOS 11.4 Big Sur came out with a correction of vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely take screenshots

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Apple has released MacOS Big Sur 11.4 with extended support for external graphics accelerators, correcting errors in Safari and other changes. However, the most significant refinement was the correction of the vulnerability of the zero day, which allowed the attackers to remotely take pictures of the computer screen.

According to the 9To5Mac edition with reference to the JAMF portal, among the Hacker community there has long existed the XCSSset utility that used this vulnerability to remotely create screen shots on Mac computers. The program worked in a hidden mode, so that users did not know anything.

As experts in the field of security later, the attackers could also gain access to the disk and even screen recordings using XCSSset.

For a long time, malicious code could not detect because it was written on Applescript and worked as part of the system.

To protect your data from cybercriminals, Apple recommends updating Mac computers to the latest version of the system. This can be done in the settings, in the “software update”.

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