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Microsoft to offer new tricks for Windows 10 Sun Valley for placing application windows on the desktop

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Microsoft plans to release a major functional update to Sun Valley for its Windows 10 software platform in the second half of the year. Along with new features and general improvements, users will see a massive redesign of the OS interface. Gradually, more is becoming known about the upcoming changes. This time, the source announced the appearance of several features that will make it easier to work in multitasking mode.

According to reports, after installing the Sun Valley update, users will have more options for a comfortable work in multitasking mode. This primarily concerns interaction with multiple windows, especially when using multiple monitors. In this case, it will be possible to use separate applications on each of the connected monitors. At the same time, applications on secondary monitors will not be minimized and overlapped when switching to programs on the main screen.

The source says the new multitasking features are part of the “dock-based feature group.” For example, users will be able to drag running application windows to the “corners” of the screen, and they will automatically resize so as not to overlap and use the workspace in the most optimal way. This approach will make it more convenient to use multiple applications at the same time.

The multitasking feature is also expected to appear in the Edge browser. According to the available data, users will be able to detach the tab menu from the browser and place it in a separate window in any convenient place. The source mentions that Microsoft is testing another cryptic feature, “Place Farther From The Edge Of The Screen”, but how it works is still unknown.

More details on the upcoming changes should be expected later this year when Microsoft begins beta testing the Sun Valley update. In addition, Windows 10 21H1 update will be released this spring, which will not bring significant changes and will be aimed at fixing known issues and improving the stability of the OS.

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