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The first device based on FUCHSIA OS from Google will be a Nest Hub smart display

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The long-awaited FUCHSIA OS operating system from Google finally began to unfold on consumer devices. The first to estimate its advantages and disadvantages of the first generation Nest Hub smart displays.


The fact that Google leads to the development of a new operating system has become well known in 2016. The Fuchsia OS feature is that it is built not on the Linux kernel. Instead, it uses the Zircon microkernel. The launch of the operating system confirmed the project manager Peter Hosek (Petr Hosek). “You do not run a new operating system every day, but today it is such a day,” he wrote in his account on Twitter.

According to reports, the deployment of Fuchsia OS begins from today, at this stage this update will be available only to the participants of the pre-testing program. Later, the new Google software platform will be distributed to a larger number of Nest Hub devices. It is assumed that the entire update process will take several months. It is worth noting that the compatibility of the Google Smart Dynamics from the new OS has become known even at the beginning of this month. Information that Nest Hub can work running Fuchsia OS 1.0 was published on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Despite the actual replacement of OS in Nest Hub, devices users probably do not even notice changes, since the interface and accessible functions will remain unchanged. Probably, the current launch of Fuchsia OS is mainly associated with the testing of the software platform on real user devices.

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