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Photo of the day: Ghost Galaxy in the constellation Hydra

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The European Southern Observatory (ESO, European Southern Observatory) published a photo of the “failed” galaxy with the designation of UDG4: This structure is located in the constellation Hydra.

Here and below ESO images

UDG objects are ultra-diffuse galaxies – formations of the size with our Milky Way, in which it contains 100-1000 times less than the stars.

UDG4 galaxy looks like a ghostly foggy cloud. It is explained by the fact that in such structures there is very little star-forming gas, and therefore they look like weakly flowing spots in space.


The presented shot was obtained within the large-scale program of the study of the Galaxies of the early classes of Vstearly-TypegalaxySurvey (Vegas), the purpose of which is to study very weak structures in the clusters of galaxies.

The photo is made using the VLT ESO (VST) viewing telescope shown in the second illustration. It is equipped with OmegaCAM camera, which, thanks to high sensitivity, allows you to study UDG objects.

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