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Photo of the day: Spiral galaxy in an unusual perspective

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In the heading “Image of the week” on the Space Telescope website “Hubble” (NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope) presents a stunning snapshot of the structure with the designation of NGC 5037.

Named education is a spiral galaxy. It is located at a distance of approximately 150 million light years from us in the constellation of the Virgin.

It should be noted that spiral galaxies are one of the main types of galaxies in the universe. However, despite its prevalence, each of these cosmic structures is unique.

On the presented photo, the structure of NGC 5037 is perfectly visible. The galaxy is captured in an unusual perspective: it is shown from the rib with a slope towards the browser from the ground.

A bright central part and spiral sleeves can be seen in the picture. The latter are gigantic areas of stars.

Нажмите для увеличения / здесь и выше снимки NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

Click to enlarge / here and above NASA / ESA HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE

The image was obtained using the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) on board the Hubble Observatory. This camera allows you to capture snapshots in the visible, near infrared, near and middle ultraviolet sections of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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