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Be quiet! Introduced Dark Power 12 power supplies up to 1000 W

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Be quiet! announced the Dark Power 12 series power supplies for high-performance desktop systems: these products are located a step below the Dark Power Pro 12 devices, which can be found in our material.

The Dark Power 12 family includes three models – 750, 850 and 1000 watts. They are 80 PLUS Titanium certified, which indicates very high efficiency – up to 95.9%.

The cooling system uses a frameless 135mm Silent Wings fan with variable speed rotation. A mesh panel on the cooler side and an improved air intake design ensure optimal air circulation.

The use of exclusively high quality Japanese capacitors with a temperature regime of 105 degrees Celsius ensures stability, reliability and a very long service life. High quality is additionally confirmed by a long warranty – 10 years.

The power supplies have a fully modular cable system. This simplifies the installation process and eliminates wire clutter for improved airflow and cooling, even inside full-size housings.

The new items will go on sale on March 9. The 750, 850 and 1000 W versions will be priced at $ 200, $ 240 and $ 280, respectively.

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