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Designed frameless solar panels on a sticky basis for mounting to any surface

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In the future, the solar panels can become an ubiquitous element of the external decoration of buildings and structures. But not in the current form, which implies complex installation works on a sufficiently strong frame. The breakthrough is promised to become a frameless solar panels proposed by the Singapore company MAXEON SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES. Panel MAXEON AIR light, flexible and carry the adhesive basis, which simplifies the installation on any surface.


According to the manufacturer, for the first time in about 50 years of release of solar panels, it will be possible to abandon complex work and expensive related costs when deploying solar farms. Today, solar panels are pretty heavy and large plates that need to be installed on a special framework. A farm from such panels will withstand not every roof, in which, when designing buildings, no adjustments were made to resistance to excess load. With the MAXEON AIR panels everything will be much easier and this is not all innovations that they can offer.

The base of the MAXEON AIR panel allows you to glue and dug panels when installing. They are flexible to a certain limit without forming cracks can repeat the bending of the roof or another surface to which will be mounted. The efficiency of the panels is quite high and reaches 20.9%. They can even produce electricity, even in the shaded state, in which most modern panels would simply turn off.

Weigh the MAXEON AIR panels are two times less than ordinary – 6 kg / m2. It is assumed that such panels will be massively installed on the roofs of commercial buildings in which a sufficient margin of safety was not laid. In Europe, for example, 4 GW will be scored from such roofs, and the possibilities of the MAXEON AIR panels will begin. The company expects that a number of pilot farms will be expanded by the end of this year, and next year the MAXEON Air panel will go to free sale.

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