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In Germany, invented how to produce perverse solar panels of a large area without loss of efficiency

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Pereovskite solar panels are considered to be a decent substitute for silicon, which should raise the efficiency of electricity from sunlight. In the laboratory conditions, cells from photocells on Perovskite show record efficiency, noticeably superior to silicon efficiency. Unfortunately, this advantage is lost when trying to create perovkite cells and modules of a large area. German scientists were able to solve this problem.

Image source: Kit

The breakthrough was reported by researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute (Kit). Scientists have developed and tested the technical process, during which it was possible to create quite large solar panels based on Perovskite and at the same time almost not to lose the effectiveness obtained in the laboratory conditions.

Thus, compared to laboratory samples of cells with parties in several millimeters, new samples were increased in size up to 500 times – to 4 cm2. The effectiveness of increased cells was at the level of 18%, which is only slightly lower than the possibilities of laboratory samples (25%). The proposed technology after a number of additional improvements can be the basis for the mass production of perovskite solar panels, but for this efficiency it is necessary to bring up to 20%, which will be comparable and in some cases better than the efficiency of single-crystal solar panels, and significantly better than polycrystalline CPDs.

The German technology for the production of large in the area of ​​solar cells from Perovskite is precipitated from the gas environment in vacuo. Researchers say that this technology allows you to monitor the deposition of material on a large area and with many layers.

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