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Low noise and externally attractive wind turbines for use in cities

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Flower Turbines with offices in the USA and the Netherlands presented a wind turbine for accommodation next to places of residence and activities of people. The turbine is made in the form of a stylized tulip flower. But the most important thing is that it does not create a hearing hum of the humus from the blades, which is characteristic of ordinary turbines and cause discomfort. Developers are confident that such turbines can be the basis of wind power in the urban environment.

Developers on the background of their creation. Image source: Jan de Groen

It is argued that the Flower Turbines turbines are already working in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, in Germany, Israel and Colombia. In addition to the quiet work and aesthetic appearance, the flower turbines are not dangerous for birds, which you will not say about standard turbines with large blades. Such installations can play an important role in renewable energy, are confident of the company.

Источник изображения: flowerturbines.com

Image Source: Flowerturbines.com

The work of an unusual turbine Flower Turbines is accompanied by low-frequency noise, but he, according to the developer’s application, is not captured by the human ear. At the same time, the placement of such installations is completely impossible with housing, since low-frequency oscillations will be transmitted by design. But this is not the first company that seeks to offer a market for something simpler and not so noisy as modern mass wind generators. For some, they can be an interesting solution, because of which the neighbors will not file complaints.

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