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Scientists at 100 times increased energy production from “garbage” heat using new optical antennas

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A group of scientists from the University of Colorado in Boulder has developed a new element to generate energy from the dispel heat, which would simply break into space. The new development was 100 times better than previous similar devices, but for the commercial goals of the Element efficiency, it is necessary to raise another 100 or 1000 times.

Optical retented for generating electricity from heat on an image with a scanning electron microscope. Source: MODDEL LAB

We can produce electricity from an external electromagnetic field (radio frequency radiation) so-called straightening antennas or rectifies (Rectifying Antenna). Scientists have created a replacement for receiving electricity from heat. In the Nature Communications edition, researchers told about the element based on the tunnel effect. The task was set in such a way that it was necessary for collecting energy from heat as a smaller element as possible, but it was necessary to solve the problem of resistance growth as items decreased.

The tunnel effect, which scientists achieved on the element actually means the zero electron transition resistance and a sharp increase in production level. Researchers were able to obtain such an effect after the transition contacts created a gap between the two dielectric layers – the so-called quantum pit. The selection of the clearance and thickness of dielectrics was such that the electron tunneled from one contact to another, as if passing through the wall.

Scientists tested an array of more than 250,000 rectan in the form of butterflies made of nickel, nickel oxide, aluminum, chromium and gold oxide, each of which was about 11 nm in length and 6 nm wide. It was found that the array showed a transformation efficiency of 100-1000 times larger than previous optical accurates.

Despite the high relative indicators, the CPD of the array was at the level of 0.001%. “We still have to go through a long way,” said Amina Belkadi by Amina Belkadi. – Perhaps we will be able to increase the transformation efficiency for another 1000 times. In the effectiveness of the transformation from 1 to 2%, given the enormous amount of energy lost in the form of spent heat, people will begin to hang such rectacles on the walls. “

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