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Tesla will programmatically increase the capacity of domestic batteries Powerwall 2 one and a half times

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Tesla Powerwall 2 accumulators will be even more efficient in the near future, the head of Tesla Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) was told on Twitter. For household electricity drives next month, the company will release a free software update that will increase their peak capacity by more than 50%. Earlier, the head of Tesla said that from now on, household energy products of the company will only be sold in sets.

Image Source: Teslarati

«Stable and peak power of Powerwall 2 batteries are higher than declared in advertising. Now that we have collected enough operational data, Tesla may unlock their full potential through the software update next month. Depending on the time of production of the battery, this update can increase its capacity by more than 50% at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, “wrote a mask.

The update will come “by air”. As the Teslarati resource notes, in some cases, the increase in power by 50% can lead to a more rapid flow rate of the battery, however, the advantages in high power still exceed possible shortcomings. Also draws the fact that not all Powerwall 2 batteries will be able to obtain the above-mentioned power increase of 50%, but only those that were produced after a certain date, which seems to be reported in more detail later.

According to last year’s ENERGYSAGE, Tesla Powerwall batteries are the most popular household batteries in the US market. The technology laid in them allows the company to effectively compete with other offers in this segment. It is noted that Tesla Powerwall is the most affordable option based on the cost of storing one kWh of energy.

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