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AMD confirmed that I will update the Ryzen 5000 processor for six months – you should not wait for significant changes

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AMD in a conversation with a Polish resource Benchmark.pl confirmed the upcoming issue of Ryzen 5000 processors on a stepping B2. It is reported that in this way the manufacturer wants to increase the volumes of their release and increase availability.

Yesterday it was reported that AMD was developing a new stepping of the processors of the Vermeer family. Polish portal Benchmark.pl was able to comment from the company’s representative on this issue. The official response confirms that the main task of the transition to the new stepping is that in this way the company wants to increase the production and availability of processors on sale. It is noted that updated chips will be presented in the next six months.

The representative of the company also confirmed that the updated chips will not be offered an increased level of performance and functionality. And when using them, I will not need to update BIOS motherboards.

«As another measure aimed at expanding the production and improvement of logistics capabilities, AMD over the next six months will switch to the production of Ryzen 5000 desktop processors (stepping B2). No change in terms of functionality and performance will not bring a new revision, so new chips will not require the updates of BIOS motherboards, “said the company’s representative.

In other words, the output processors of Ryzen 5000 XT should not wait. Just AMD will use updated chips within the already existing series. It can be assumed that due to the transition to a new revision, acceleration or some other indicators improve. But significant changes are not expected.

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