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AMD for the first time in twenty years returned to the repurchase of shares, she will spend $ 4 billion for it

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The new CEO of Intel Patrick Gelsinger (Patrick Gelsinger) ordered to reduce the cost of redemption of shares, although dividends are not yet affected by the reforms. Saved funds Corporation intended to be directed to the construction of new enterprises. AMD decided to return to the repurchase of their own shares from the market – $ 4 billion will be spent on these needs.

Image Source: AMD

As Bloomberg explains, the previous precedent of the repurchase of AMD shares on the company dates back to 2001, then these goals were spent $ 77 million. The amount allocated this year is noticeably higher, although AMD and does not set the deadlines for the completion of the redemption program – it can be stretched in time For many quarters. This statement has already pushed AMD shares to an increase of 2.41%. Since the beginning of the year, these securities fell by 18.83%, although throughout the three previous years they grew an average of 70% every twelve months.

The amount of ransom at exceeds 4% of the current capitalization of AMD, but from the point of view of operating expenses it is large enough. At least, for the last quarter, the company has rescued at no more than $ 3.45 billion, and to get away from the many years of unprofitability AMD generally managed only after a while after entering the processor market with the ZEN architecture. When Lisa Su (Lisa SU) adopted the management of the company, the amount of capitalization AMD did not exceed $ 2 billion, but now it has reached more than $ 90 billion.

In its interview, Bloomberg The head of the company stated that the market situation in terms of competition is not becoming easier, but AMD has many ambitions. The company managed to win the confidence of customers due to the timely conclusion on the market of constantly improved products, as Lisa Su is admitted. The existing shortage of semiconductor components is not considered to be disassembled, calculating with AMD to improve the situation with the supply of TSMC products until the end of this year. “Our strong financial results and the ability to increase cash flows allow us to invest in a business and start returning capital to our shareholders,” Lisa Soo said in a press release prepared by the company.

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