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AMD will definitely offer products with three-dimensional layout

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The Director General of AMD Lisa Su (Lisa SU) took part in the 49th JPMorgan technological conference, one of the issues discussed on it concerned the possibilities of using more advanced layout methods of computing elements. The AMD chapter assured that the company will definitely submit solutions with a full-fledged three-dimensional layout.

Image Source: AMD

Those layout options that AMD are used are now essentially refer to the 2.5D layout, if we talk about processor chiploads and graphics processors with HBM type memory. Lisa Su called the three-dimensional layout of the “Another tool”, which allows you to combine the heterogeneous elements. According to her, different technologies will be applied in different price categories, while in the initial price range the complex layout will not be predictable. It is the three-dimensional layout, according to the head of AMD, will open the way to achieve a new level of performance.

Lisa Su promised to tell about AMD plans in this area in the coming months. In addition, it was noted that the new generation CDNA architecture in the server segment will be presented until the end of this year. Regarding the prospects for the ARM architecture in the server segment, the AMD leadership does not have any prejudices if such specialized processors are required to customers, the company will help them develop them. For the sake of development of the AMD server ecosystem, not only hires hardware developers, but also seriously expands the staff of programmers, as well as specialists in working with clients.

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