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Ampere will supply Server Microsoft and Tencent Software Processors

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As reported by Ampere Computing, the company entered into an agreement for the supply of the latest server processors on the Arm architecture of Microsoft and one of the largest Chinese IT-Holdings Tencent. This is a big step for a company that develops your own powerful server processors based on ARM.


According to AMPERE Director General, Renee James, Microsoft Azure, Tencent Cloud and Chinese Bytedance, standing for Tiktok, already use the Northern AMPERE ALTRA processors. There are other customers from among the major IT market players.

The new 5-nm syren chips with nuclei, the architecture of which is less reluctant to ready-made ARM solutions, and is more developed in the company itself, Ampere must be released next year. Own technologies will help developers to quickly optimize products under specific creators of data centers, intend to satisfy the demand for cloud services.

Now the California company supported by Oracle’s investments is one of no many real chances to challenge the Total Intel dominance in the HPC class market. It is known that many chips are comparable to the cost of an inexpensive car. Intel, until recently, which occupied more than 99% of the market, in addition to AMPERE, are able to oppose only AMD, as well as AWS – one of Amazon’s subsidiaries, which also develops ARM chips.

It is believed that ARM architecture, in contrast to X86 solutions, provides more budget server solutions with low power consumption and relatively low heat dissipation. As declare in Ampere, their current developments are better than Intel and AMD proposals in performance and efficiency as a whole. Since these companies create a variety of chip series for various types of users, it prevents them from cooking solutions, better adapted for cloud computing market.

Ampere production itself, like many other chip developers, is given to the Outsource Taiwan TSMC. The following year will be performed in accordance with the 5-nm technological process. According to Rene James, Ampere has accumulated a sufficient financial “pillow” to develop new generations of chips in their own account.

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