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Intel criticized Apple M1 processors for low performance in games

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After Apple began to translate its computers from Intel processors to branded ARM chips, Intel does not stop attacks on Mac, stating that they are almost fluent in PC based on its processors. The next theme for stinging comments was the game performance, which in ARM computers Apple leaves much to be desired.


Today Intel presented to the replenishment of the Tiger Lake-U processor family for laptops, and the frequency of new models can reach 5 GHz. Their composition includes a graphics accelerator IRIS XE, which allows you to run popular games in a 1080p resolution without a discrete video card. Taking this opportunity, the company has once again priced Apple computers with Chip M1, stating that such Mac demonstrates unsatisfactory performance in games, which makes them worse than most Windows-devices based on Intel processors. It was also noted that to launch games on Apple computers, you need to use an emulator or virtual machine.



In addition, Intel demonstrated a diagram on which a 16-inch MacBook Pro based on the Core i9-9980HK processor and the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M video card with computers based on the Core i5-11400H processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics adapter. Of course, PC on The database of a newer processor showed the best results in all tests, which allowed Intel to declare that the PC on the basis of its processors offer the best gaming experience than any Apple laptop. Intel also said that the needs of gamers and content creators largely coincide, and therefore first, and the second Windows computers on the basis of its chips are better suitable.



Commenting on Apple’s attacks, Intel stated that she “” Too publicly announced the transition to branded processors and is now a direct competitor Intel. “

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