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Intel does not refuse plans to establish the release of chips in Europe

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Executive vice president of Intel Michelle Johnston Holthaus (Michelle Johnston Holthaus) during the broadcast from the opening of Computex 2021 simply could not be deprived of the new CEO of Patrick Gelsinger (Patrick Gelsinger) opportunities, so he dedicated to the company’s production plans, including intentions to build Enterprise in Europe.

Image source: Intel, YouTube

On the results of the visit of Gelsinger to Europe at the end of April, not so much is known from official sources, but he used his first trip to the region in the new status to decide on the construction site of a new enterprise and sources of financing this project. Strictly speaking, Intel already has a production base in Ireland, here the release of 7-nm products will be mastered here, but customers would be more convenient to have access to production facilities in the continental part of Europe.

It was reported that Intel is considering Germany as an alternative base in Europe, and at the same time calculates on subsidies in the amount of 8 billion euros, which can be fully not ready to fully. Existing microcircuits in Europe and dispute the feasibility of the construction of the advanced enterprise at all, since its products will need only many years later, but as long as they would prefer to get more mature components.

Anyway, during his speech at Computex 2021 Patrick Gelcinger said that Intel intends to build new enterprises not only in the United States, but also in Europe, although it did not specify such plans. But he explained that it was meant under the financing expansion of the production of Intel partners for the needs of this company. The processor giant was invested in expanding the production of these substrates for its enterprise in Vietnam, where central processors and system logic sets are collected.

Own power facilities in the production of silicon plates Intel over the past four years doubled, as Gelcinger recalled, but so far the whole world ecosystem reaches the level of production sufficient to eliminate the deficit, can pass up to two years. Steve Long (Steve Long), which at the event demonstrated new mobile solutions Intel, added that over the past three years, Intel has invested $ 4.5 billion to expanding the production of components that are not related to central processors.

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