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Intel made it clear that Xeon processors of the Sapphire Rapids family will be released next year

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Opening Computex 2021 in a virtual format, executive vice president of Intel Michelle Johnston Holthaus (Michelle Johnston Holthaus) at a certain point handed over the word Lisa Spelman (Lisa Spelman), the corporate vice president responsible for the Xeon line and memory. She could not resist anticipation of the announcement of the new generation processors, but explained that they would not appear earlier than the next year.

Image source: Intel, YouTube

Earlier it was believed that Intel will present the 10-nm processors of Sapphire Rapids at the end of this year, but in the server segment, such steps are often stretched for several months, and the formal debut of new products may not coincide with the moment of actual principles. How the debut of Xeon’s new generation processors will be organized, Lisa Spelman did not specify, but stated that they would be released on the market next year, and now intel partners are already supplied in the form of engineering samples.

The 4th generation Xeon Scalable processors, as it became known recently, will receive the architecture of the computing kernels of Golden Cove, which will relate to them with the consumer ALDER LAKE. Accordingly, they will be issued according to the total 10-nm machine process version of Enhanced Superfin, the most progressive from the available Intel. From other publications, it is known that the SAPPHIRE Rapids processors will combine on one substrate to four crystals, the number of nuclei will reach 56 pieces in the maximum configuration, and the support for the eight-channel memory of the DDR5 type will be adjacent to the 80 PCI Express 5.0 lines. Separate processor models will be equipped with HBM2E type memory with a volume of up to 64 GB. Shelter new Xeon models can motherboards with LGA 4677 connector.

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