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Intel used in advertising “The best processor” image MacBook Pro

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Recently, Intel has deployed an aggressive marketing campaign against Apple Mac computers, positioning them as inferior to Windows laptops based on Intel processors. But it seems that Intel marketers made a fun mistake, because in one of the recent promotional images designed to promote the “best processor in the world”, instead of a laptop with Windows there is a MacBook Pro.

Attention to it drew one of the users of the Reddit community, which shared his observations. The fact is that in one of the Intel promotional images is captured by a man using a laptop that is very similar to the MacBook Pro. At the same time, the slogan in the image reads about the “best processor in the world for a thin and light notebook”, and the advertisement itself is intended to promote the Intel processor of the 11th generation Core i7-1185G7.

The source suggests that a snapshot from the Getty Images resource is taken as the basis for an advertising image, which is really depicted by MacBook Pro, as well as Magic Mouse. It is worth noting that Apple continues to sell Mac computers with Intel chips, despite the gradual transition to the use of processors of their own design. Despite this, the Core i7-1185G7 was not used in advertising in any Mac computer, and its launch took place at about the same time when Apple M1 chip was presented, i.e. At the end of last year.

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