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Up to ten new chip production factories will be built in the United States thanks to state subsidies.

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US Trade Minister Gina Raimondo stated yesterday that $ 52 billion allocated to the development of the national semiconductor semiconductor industry will not only attract a multiple volume of private investment, but also allow us to build up to ten enterprises producing semiconductor components.

Image Source: Reuters

The financing program, we recall, implies the allocation of $ 52 billion for five years. According to US Trade Minister, “these funds are needed to launch private financing”, and in the aggregate industry in the next five years will receive up to $ 150 billion from the state and private investors. States will compete with each other for the right to receive federal subsidies. As a result, in the country may appear from seven to ten new enterprises for the production of semiconductor components.

Recall that TSMC, when submitting an application for the construction of an enterprise in Arizon, initially laid the opportunity to build five more buildings over the next three years, therefore the ten enterprises mentioned by the US Trade Minister do not seem overly optimistic amounts. Intel alone is going to spend $ 20 billion of own funds for construction in Arizona two new enterprises, and power packaging and testing of chips in New Mexico will require investments in the amount of $ 3.5 billion. Patrick Gelsinger Corporation (Patrick Gelsinger) said that Intel is capable To cope with these projects and independently, but state support does not prevent it.

At the JPMorgan Technological Conference, the head of Intel stated that by the end of the decade, it is calculated to achieve an increase in the share of the United States in the market of services for the production of semiconductor components from the current 12 to 30%. If another 20% come to Europe, the Western countries will be able to balance Asia led by Taiwan. Gelcinger added that the solution of the problems of the semiconductor industry is now even more important than oil for the global economy.

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