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Gigabyte released AORUS 7000S PREM. – SSD with a huge cooling system and speed up to 7 GB / s

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Gigabyte has introduced high-speed NVME-drives of the Aorus 7000S Prem series. Form factor M.2 and possess support for the PCIe 4.0 interface. Novelties are ready to provide read speed up to 7 GB / s and equipped with giant cooling systems with a height of up to 44.7 mm.

In general, a new series of solid-state drives AORUS 7000S PREM. Similar to AORUS 7000S drives. Both are built on the second generation of eight-channel Phison E18 controllers, possess the AES-256 encryption support, use 3D NAND TLC memory chips, as well as DDR4 as cache memory. But together with the AORUS 7000S Prem models. The buyer will receive a massive cooling system M.2 Thermal Guard Xtreme, which will provide a long uninterrupted work of new products under load.

As part of the Cooling System for NVME drives AORUS 7000S PREM. Two heat-conducting tubes are used, a radiator with a nanocarbon coating, as well as an aluminum rear plate, which provides cooling the rear of the drive board. According to Gigabyte, the use of this cooling system made it possible to keep the stable reading speed at up to 7000 MB / s for eight hours. However, it should be noted that we are talking about internal tests. In real conditions, the cooling efficiency will also depend on the ventilation of the computer case.

It should also be borne in mind that not all motherboards have enough space to install such massive cooling systems for SSD. In many cases, M.2 connectors for installing NVME drives are under video card connectors, so before buying such an SSD, you should make sure that nothing will interfere with their installation.

NVME drives AORUS 7000S PREM. Present models with a volume of 1 and 2 TB. In both cases, the manufacturer declares read speed at 7 GB / s. However, they differ from them. The version with a smaller volume can provide the recording speed up to 5500 MB / s, and the older model is up to 6850 MB / s.

The company does not indicate the prices of the presented novelties. But taking into account the fact that the standard models of these SSD are sold at a price of $ 380, it is very likely that the price of the AORUS 7000S Prem models. It can approach $ 500.

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