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NAND flash memory creator suggested a new DRAM RAM alternative

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Fujio Masuoka (Fujio Masuoka) is most famous as the creator of NAND flash memory, over the development of which he worked at Toshiba in the 80s of the last century. His recently, Unisantis has submitted its new development, which can be an alternative to the DRAM RAM.

Image: Pixabay.

As part of this month, the International Memory Workshop event was presented with a document in which the developers outlined the prospects for creating dynamic DFM flash memory (Dynamic Flash Memory) based on transistors with the surrounding shutters (Surround Gate Transistor). This new type of memory resembles Nand Flash, but offers a higher density compared with the DRAM memory.

It is worth noting that at the moment there are already technologies that can be used to create a DRAM memory alternative. The problem is that the production of such chips is usually quite expensive, especially compared to the production of DRAM chips.

Изображение: Unisantis

Image: Unisantis

Now the DFM memory is on theoretical stage, although Unisantis was calculated that it would provide four times a higher density compared to DRAM. Currently, the company is engaged in finding partners for finalizing technology and transition to the stage of creating a full-fledged physical prototype of the DFM memory chip. Obviously, years will be held before the memory of a new type will be launched into mass production, but the first step towards it has already been made.

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