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Sabrent will release solid-state drives for CHIA mining with a huge reserve reserve

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Sabrent announced the upcoming release of specialized series of solid-state M.2 format storage devices for CHIA cryptocurrency mining. This is not the first such solution in the market. For example, we previously talked about such a proposal of the company TEAM GROUP. However, the new Sabent series of the Plotripper series and Plotripper Pro promise record stamina records for the drives of such a segment.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Chia mining is based on the process of creating large files and storage. And therefore, productive drives with a large resource of work are necessary for the extraction of this cryptocurrency. According to Sabrent, this indicator of Plotripper and Plotripper Pro models up to 18 times higher, compared with ordinary NVME drives.

At the moment, the manufacturer is reluctant to share the details about new drives. The PlotRipper series is represented by the only model of 2 TB. Plotripper Pro includes variants of 1 and 2 TB. According to the Storage Review portal, the new Phon E18 controllers are used as part of both series, as well as NAND flash memory from Micron. Presumably as part of the plotripper model of 2 TB, NAND shared 4 TB chips are used, and in the models of Pro version 8 TB, but the manufacturer has limited the available amount of up to 2 TB using the firmware, due to which it was possible to significantly raise their endurance.

For the SSD Plotripper model, 2 TB is 10,000 TBW. In other words, the drive will overwrite 10 thousand terabytes of information. For the PLOTRIPPER Pro model, the volume of 1 TB is declared an indicator of 27,000 TBW or 27 thousand terabytes of rewritten information. For the older model of Plotripper Pro, the value of 54,000 TBW is stated on 2 TB, that is, 54 thousand terabytes of rewriting.

As Storage Review writes, with such values, Sabent solid-state NVME drives exceed typical corporate-class solutions U.2 format and approach Intel Optane solutions. For example, at the Intel Optane P5600 class 8 TB, with a DWPD 3, 35,000 TBW resource is 35,000. The Intel Optane model with a volume of 1.5 TB with the calculated load DWPD 30 has a resource of 164 thousand TBW. However, if the same Intel Optane drives comply with certain JEDEC reliability standards installed for such solutions, Sabent does not indicate this information on its official website for its new products. As, however, nothing speaks of their price and availability. But it is obvious that these solutions will be far from the most affordable.

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