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The head of Western Digital is convinced that trade wars harm the market and technology development

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Attempts by individual countries to align in the technological sense, according to the Western Digital General Director, lead to a decrease in investment efficiency, and therefore, technical progress itself is capable of slowing down. If we talk about China, then it remains a major and promising market, therefore, political sanctions infringe on business interests in this region.

Image Source: Reuters

The head of Western Digital Corporation David Gökeler (David Goeckeler) in an interview with the Japanese publication Nikkei Asian Review said that any geographical restrictions on market access to the markets harm the semiconductor segment, since the required colossal investments are best justified on the global market. No financing will not be further development, and adequate revenue provides only access to the world market.

US sanctions against individual Chinese consumers in WDC are very carefully, but the management of the corporation would not want the issues of national security to lead to the split the trajectory of the strategic development of the product line. The Chinese Memory Manufacturers in WDC also relate with respect, but emphasize that the claims to technological leadership require huge resources: both material and engineering. Newcomers in this business are much more difficult to piercing their way.

Comment Rumors about the possible wdc interest in the purchase of Assets of the Japanese company KIOXIA The head of the American Corporation refused, but called it a “very important semiconductor market.” According to him, the NAND type memory market is now developing faster than the rest.

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