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Western Digital introduced available NVME drives WD Black SN750 SE with PCIE 4.0 support

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Western Digital has introduced a new WD Black SN750 SE CONSUBLIC CONCERS series in M.2 form factor with PCIe 4.0 interface support. It includes models for 250 and 500 GB, as well as 1 TB. The new series is designed to become more affordable alternative to WD Black SN850 NVME-drives flagship.

It should be reminded that the Western Digital range has an original WD_BLACK SN750 series with PCIe 3.0 interface support. According to the manufacturer, the new series has a 30% reduced level of energy consumption compared to previous models. But it was not possible to achieve this without compromise.

If the representatives of the previous series have a DRAM cache memory, then new WD Black SN750 SE models are equipped with Phon E19T controllers without its support. At the same time, novelties support Host Memory Buffer (HMB), technology that allows you to use system memory as a clipboard. Due to this, it was possible not only to reduce power consumption, but also the cost of SSD.

The manufacturer stated for the younger WD Black SN750 SE model for 250 GB of the speed of consistent reading and recording, respectively, at the level of 3200 and 1000 MB / s, for the model of 500 GB – 3600 and 2000 MB / s, and for model 1 TB – 3600 and 2830 MB / s.

Источник изображения: AnandTech

Image source: AnandTech

The rate of random reading and recording in new products range from 190 to 525 thousand IOPS and from 240 to 640 thousand IOPS, respectively, depending on the model.

For the younger model, a resource in 200 TB of rewritten information was announced. For the average model, this indicator is 300 TB, and for the older – 600 TB. For each model of the series, the manufacturer gives a five-year warranty.

NVME drives of the WD Black SN750 SE series are estimated at 55, 75 and 130 dollars per version for 250, 500 GB and 1 TB, respectively.

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