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In China, created electronic paper with an integrated sensory layer and increased contrast

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Revolutionary changes can occur in the e-book market in the near future. Chinese e-paper manufacturer Yuantai Technology announced the release of the world’s first modules for e-books with integrated sensors.


According to Chinese media, technology is prepared for mass production and will be used both with black and white paper E-INK CARTA and with color E-ink Kaleido Plus. Development can be applied both in traditional readers and in other devices.

According to the chairman of Yuantai Technology Lee Zhenghao (Li Zhenghao), the company bypassed technical limitations, focusing efforts on research and development of the next generation solutions. While in the books and other devices, the touch surface is placed on top of the electronic paper, and new solutions will allow you to place the touch layer directly inside it. This will help improve the optical characteristics of the surfaces of the screens.



According to official data of the developers, black and white sensory paper contrasting the variants of the previous generation by 30%, and color provides 40% of the better contrast and at a higher 15% saturation. In this case, the technology can be used not only with the classic electronic paper, but also, for example, flexible displays based on it.

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