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US created a night vision army glasses that are similar to alien technology

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Recently, representatives of the US Army posted an overview of hostilities observed through new night vision points. The new development combines computer vision, a white luminophore tube and a binocular design. Points you can use the day in the fog and smoke, and the image through them is unusually clear, bright and close to real.

Binocular, thermal imager and AR-glasses in one package is an Envg-B night vision device

Traditional night vision devices are a monocular with a green luminophore tube. The clarity of the image in these devices is such that a lot has to think about the observer, which is extremely undesirable in combat and extreme conditions. Therefore, by order of the military, new night vision devices were developed, which not only increased the clarity of the image, but also brought binocular vision to the device, which makes it much better to navigate in the setting and better assess the distance to the target.

The Envg-B device uses a white luminophore tube, which brings the color on the image to the real, as well as the computer system that draws the contour of observation objects. All together creates a picture in which everything or almost everything is clear. The new development is also lighter than traditional night vision devices, but still heavier than ordinary binoculars (the weight of the Envg-B is about 900 g), so fasten to the fighter’s sneezer and can be folded back.

In the future, the US military seeks to get night vision points in sunglasses format. The competition for this development has already been announced and the search for those who want. But even Envg-B is a significant step forward. Something similar is also developed in Microsoft based on Hololens glasses and even successfully sell this Pentagon. We hope all this will eventually appear in consumer goods. It looks tempting, and can be useful in many cases.

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