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Android smartphones received the functions of the Android TV

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Although the users of the iPhone have long been secured full control over Apple TV consoles, apply Android smartphones to manage Android TV has not yet been very convenient. Now Google has developed an interface capable of functioning as a real convenient console.


During the Google I / O conference on Tuesday, the Company demonstrated the on-screen “remote” for smartphones on Android. Creates and smart TVs on the basis of Android TV in the near future can be managed by pressing on the screen and “swipes”. The corresponding application already exists in Google Play, but it has long been outdated. Now users will have the ability to control the volume, turn off the sound, the virtual buttons “back” and “home”, and the additional button will allow you to call the Google helper.

At the top of the interface there is a power on / off button, and the drop-down menu allows you to select one of the attached devices based on Android TV. Additionally, there is a “three-point” menu, but its functions in the company are not yet disclosed.



New management elements for Android will allow you to search for movies, TV shows and other content, dialing keywords manually or just dictated them. The virtual keyboard can also be used to set passwords when entering media services or other text.

Google argue that the new interface is compatible with more than 80 million devices that use Android TV now. It remains to wait for the release of the new software, which, according to the developers, will take place “later this year.”

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