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Apple launched a partner program in its podcast applications

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Last month, Apple launched the service of paid subscriptions in its application podcasts. Now the company has introduced a new program that will help the authors of paid podcasts in Apple Podcasts to expand the user base and increase the income level.

Image: TechCrunch

We are talking about the affiliate program of Apple Services Performance Partner Program, which will be available to all authors, although the developers say that it will be the most useful for publishers and authors who already have a custom audience. Participants of this program will be able to create special links for making a subscription to their content. When users will switch to such links and draw up a subscription, the author will credit 50% of the subscription value in the form of a one-time payment. For example, if the value of the monthly subscription to the channel is $ 5, then each new subscriber within the framework of the affiliate program will bring the author $ 2.5.

Despite the fact that any author of podcasts can be filed for participation in the program in the program, Apple will moderate such appeals. This is done to verify candidates for the availability of links to distribute references to their podcasts. The registration form provides appropriate sections where the author is asked to specify where and how it plans to promote links to its channel.

According to reports, a new affiliate program will be available in all 170 countries where the service of paid podcasts is supported. Applications for registration in the program are accepted now, but it will begin to act closer to the end of the month.

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