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Because of the new Privacy Policy WhatsApp SERVICE can block in India

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The India Government expresses discontent about the new WhatsApp privacy policy, within which the messenger can share user data with all Facebook services. According to reports, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India (MEITY) once again applied to Facebook, which is the owner of WhatsApp, with a request to withdraw a new privacy policy of the Messenger.

Image: Dhiraj Singh / Bloomberg / Getty Images

The source says that MEITY gave whatsapp seven days to make a decision on this issue and abandon the use of new confidentiality rules in the country. Otherwise, the ministry is ready to take measures to meet the laws of the state.

«By fulfilling its duties to protect the rights and interests of Indian citizens, the Government of India will consider various options available to him in accordance with the laws of the country, “the Meity letter said, which was sent to Facebook. This is not the first time when the India government shall notify whatsapp on its discontent with new rules for the use of the service. Earlier this year, the authorities have already sent a letter to Facebook, in which “serious concern” was expressed about the scheduled update.

Whatsapp India is the largest market. The number of active users of the messenger in the country has about 450 million people. This means that the service will be interested in peaceful resolution of the problem. It is worth noting that in response to the previous appeal of the Government of India Facebook stated that many Indian companies use similar rules and transmit custom data to third parties.

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