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Google Duo and WebrTC developer moved to work at Clubhouse

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It became known that after almost 15 years of work in Google, Justin Uberti, one of the developers of the WEBRTC standard and Google Duo video chat service. Lately, he was the head of the engineering division of the Google Stadia cloud gaming service, and also headed the Stadia client development team for iOS. The new workplace of work was to save the social network Clubhouse, whose popularity has grown significantly this year.

Image: Alex Castro / The Verge

«Justin is a phenomenal technical manager and one of the creators of WebrTC, on the basis of which Clubhouse was built, “the co-founder and the technical director of Cubhouse Rohan Seth said. He also noted that the voice social network becomes open to the whole world and relieve, among other things, will help the further development of the project. According to reports, the Clubhouse will repurchase the unit engaged in audio streaming technologies.

Recall, the WEBRTC standard is an open source project that allows streaming data transmission between browsers or compatible applications using Peer-to-Peer. Fast switching between rooms in Clubhouse is also possible thanks to WEBRTC.

Clubhouse’s popularity attracted the attention of large companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc. Many of them engaged in the development of similar clubhouse services, and some have already managed to run their creations in the mass. Thus, in the market segment associated with voice chats, more and more competitors are becoming. The arrival at the CLUBHOUSE developer of one of the key technologies used in the application can give the service a certain advantage in the future.

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