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In actions of the algorithm for creating a preview of images in Twitter, racial and sexual prejudices found

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The developers from Twitter have studied the automatic creation algorithm for the preview of images that are downloaded to the social network by users. As a result, it was found that this tool during the work leaves white people in the photo more often than dark-skinned, and women are more often than men.

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Twitter also announced the start of the process of refusing to use the old image creation system for previewing, which automatically applies to pictures in users. According to available data, the more perfect image trimming algorithm has already begun gradually unfolding for Twitter users, which interact with the platform using mobile devices.

The source notes that the old algorithm paid special attention to centen the type of very high or wide images in such a way as to cripple people or some other interesting details captured in the picture. However, this function has not always worked properly, due to which in some cases the preview was unsuccessful.

For racial prejudices of the clipping algorithm photo in Twitter, the users of the social network drew attention in Twitter. Developers quickly responded to their messages and promised to do a job aimed at studying this issue. As a result, it turned out that the old algorithm was 8% more common in the frame of men, by 4% more often than white people of both sexes compared to dark-skinned, 7% more often than white women compared to dark-skinned and 2% more often than white men compared to dark-skinned .

«We tried to find a compromise between the processing speed and the consistency of automatic trimming with potential risks that were revealed in the study. One of our conclusions is that not all Twitter users are suitable candidates for processing the algorithm, and in this case the decision on how to crumble the image is best adopted by a person, “the head of the Software Development Unit in Twitter Rumman Chowudhuri Rumman Chowdhury. She also reminded that the realistic preview function was recently deployed in Twitter, which allows to avoid cropping images with the aspect ratio of 16: 9 and 4: 3.

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