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Microsoft and Hanshow together will develop the market for retail chains

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Microsoft and Chinese Hanshow announced the start of the strategic partnership. Corporations intend to create and distribute cloud software for retail network operators around the world.


The transaction indicates the intentions of Microsoft to take the most active participation in the development of world retail, in the conditions of a pandemic of forced to carry part of the activity into digital space. The integration of classical retailers and sales strategies on the basis of Internet technologies provides for the delivery of shopping “to the door”. During the process, multi-level management and control will be required.

According to the representative of the Chinese division of Microsoft Joe Bao (Joe Bao), the partnership is designed not only to promote software products in China, but also on the spread of Chinese technologies abroad. According to him, the strategic partnership agreement concluded after five years of cooperation between Microsoft and Hanshow.

The American developer has entered the Chinese market in 1992 and now has the largest of its foreign centers engaged in research and development. Cooperation continues against the background of a trade war, with the variable success of going between the United States and China. At the moment, Hanshow customers are mainly the supermarkets of the PRC and Europe.



The company’s products are electronic price tags that can change real-time information, a system that helps the working reduce time spent on packaging products for delivery and other developments. Also HanShow sells a cloud platform that allows the retailer to simultaneously see the temperatures of goods stored in stores around the world. It is expected that partners will jointly work on the Internet technologies.

One of the terms of the transaction with HanShow was the use of Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 – a cloud interaction system with clients. In addition, companies can share customer networks worldwide and create a team for joint development. Hanshow is founded in Beijing about 10 years ago and already has offices in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia, and just opened a branch in the United States.

«Offline shops do not intend to dying, “said one of the top managers of Hanshow Gao Bo (GAO Bo), speaking about the prospects for online and offline trading. – But it is not known what kind of proportion in the future. “

According to him, globalization of activity is one of the company’s strategic priorities. The first steps when leaving any of the foreign markets will be the study of local laws and cultures, and friction between countries will not have a significant impact on joint business with Microsoft.

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